5 No-Fail Lead Generation Tips For Construction Companies

Many construction companies start with one or two people, usually the owner and a buddy want to
better their situation and make ‘big money’ like their boss. Starting out they rely on grit, determination
and a steady stream of word-of-mouth referrals. As the company grows and more hands are hired to
keep up with the demand. Smart contractors usually hire administrative help with payroll, accounting,
purchasing, and HR. With the addition of the help, so grows the need for more and more business to pay
for the growth. This is where word of mouth fails. It is inadequate for growth and scalability.
If this describes your experience or if you are looking for a consistent flow of leads but have had little to
no results with other web marketing services, Chrome Leads has a proven system that has helped
dozens of construction companies in the U.S. and Canada.
Whether you use our services or not, these 5 proven marketing strategies will give you a competitive
advantage in your industry.

Keep Your Eye on Your Core Customer

The best way to fail at digital marketing is to assume that EVERYONE is your customer. This leads to a
poor message delivered haphazardly to the general public. This is guaranteed to waste a lot of money
and not get any results.
Take time to discuss with your management team and define who your ideal client is. Where do you
stand out from the competition? What can you deliver consistently and repeatedly and deliver results to
the client? Once you determine who you’re selling to and what you’re offering, commit 100% to
delivering targeted, relevant content to your defined audience.
Having laser like focus on the right customer and projects your team can deliver on, creates a more
rewarding and profitable construction business.

Content is The Key to Effective Lead Generation

Your construction company will be ahead of the pack by creating unique, rich media content. Great
content that speaks to your defined audience it will elevate you in their eyes as the go-to source for
industry specific information. Your company becomes the subject matter expert in the construction
industry. When it comes time to making a buying decision or putting contracts out for tender, your
name is at the top of the list.
Examples of rich media include case studies, educational content, milestone photos and video. Video
content is especially powerful. More can be shared with your potential clients through video than any
other medium combined. Educational how-to videos, FAQs and client testimonials create confidence
and familiarity with your audience AND when integrated into your strategy, provides incredible SEO

Is Your Website Working For You?

Business owners often don’t take into account the role their website plays in their online marketing
efforts. This is especially true with construction contractors. That’s why you will stand out from the
crowd. Regardless of the marketing channel, be it online ads, social media, email campaigns, billboards,
yard signs – the goal is to drive traffic to your website. The goal of your website is to get visitors to do
something when they arrive. Lead generation is all but useless if you don’t have an effective website
that converts lookers into buyers.
Your website must state what you do, who you work with, your services, what makes you different from
other contractors and what THEY get by working with your business. Combined with an attractive offer
and a call to act you’ve got a lead producing asset that never sleeps.

Make Ad Campaigns That Don’t Suck

A good lead ad campaign must have some key elements to be successful. They include:
● A well-defined strategy – who are you speaking to and what are you trying to achieve?
● More than one ad and ad groups – finding what works and trashing what doesn’t.
● Testing, analyzing, optimizing and re-testing.
● Landing pages and no-brainer offers.
● Ad budget
● Patience
Most companies fail with Google Ads & Facebook Ads because they don’t consider what it takes to make
these successful. Learning how to create, track and optimize ad sets and groups takes time and that’s
simply what construction company owners don’t have a lot of. That’s why Chrome Leads is the company
that so many contractors trust to bring them qualified leads.

Dance With The One That Brought You

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably have a list of customers that you’ve
helped and may be able to serve again. Those same people might even be willing to give you a quality
referral because you did such a great job on their project.
Focusing on only new leads, contracting companies miss out on quality opportunities to get more
business from people who already know you, your work and fair pricing. A new lead is still checking you
out and takes more energy to get to a YES than a previous client.
By staying in contact with your past clients through an effective follow up system that may consist of
email, handwritten notes or postcards, or even a regularly scheduled phone call you remain top of mind
for the next project or referral. Are you ready?
Only a small percentage of leads are ready to buy today. Most are still collecting information to make a
good decision when they are ready. That’s why your content must be consistent and informative to win
their business.

In-House or Outsource?

What we’ve laid out for you is a set of proven strategies that the top construction contractors use to
consistently grow their businesses. It’s simple but not easy.
You have the choice to hire a full-time marketing manager to implement these techniques in-house or
hire an experienced outside firm. What we’ve found at Chrome Leads is that companies hire someone to
lead the marketing systems, it’s usually someone who doesn’t have the experience, but they can afford
their salary. As you can imagine this leads to poor results and a revolving door for marketing people.
These strategies are our bread and butter at Chrome Leads. We help growing construction companies
define their target client, create engaging content, websites that convert and powerful ad campaigns
that bring in loads of qualified leads. Call us today to see how we can help your construction company