Lead Generation

Why Does Your Construction Company Need Online Marketing?

Times are changing rapidly. It used to be that you could open up a construction business based on your personal reputation and word of mouth referrals. There has been a sharp increase in the number of options that decision makers have when hiring a construction company. The tool they use to filter through the hundreds of different companies is the

Your construction business needs to be able to cut through the noise and be found by those key decision makers. The biggest mistake made by construction companies today is not investing in online marketing. It’s easy to understand why this is so. They’re too busy running projects, managing staff and a thousand other things. Learning how to market their company effectively online is the last thing on the list, which is why they get poor results and lose faith in digital marketing.
If you are willing to put in the time to learn how to use digital marketing, here are 5 key areas to get your construction business up to speed.

What Makes Your Construction Company Stand Out?

Communicating what makes your construction company unique is not easy. You take for granted the
systems and processes that you’ve developed to make your projects run smoothly as just something you
do. Nothing special right? There is always something that sets you apart from the other competitors in
your market. If the only differentiating factor you have is that you’re always the lowest bidder, you’re
probably not going to be in business for long. You may have to hire an outside firm to help you do a
brand analysis to define what your unique selling proposition is or to help you create one.
Because decision makers have the ability to compare you with all of the construction businesses in your
space with a simple Google search, you must catch their attention and HOLD it. An experienced online
marketing company can help you create compelling messaging and offers to get key decision makers to
call you.

Create a Fully Responsive Website Optimized for Mobile Searches.

Google is the #1 used search engine today. Far too many construction companies haven’t updated their
websites in the last 3-4 years. This gives you the competitive advantage over the laggards.
For your website to stand out from the rest it needs to communicate to your intended audience quickly.
On your home page you need to be able to show who you are, what you do, why you matter and how
they can get in touch with you. Sounds simple but it takes some skill to get it right.
Content is the reason search engines started in the first place, so be sure to have a content strategy that
is search engine friendly and that communicates value to your industry. Use a combination of blogs,

videos, and customer testimonials and you will have a website that not only looks good but performs for

Inbound Marketing – What is it and Why do You Need it?

Inbound marketing is the fancy term for digital marketing efforts designed to draw clients to your
website. Your content strategy is part of the inbound marketing mix. Other components include email
campaigns, social media, and search engine optimization are other important aspects of a fully
optimized inbound marketing strategy. Even though you can make a free website in your spare time,
you cannot create an effective inbound marketing strategy on a whim. It takes knowing your market,
who your customer is and how to communicate to them. Learning how to implement these techniques
can be learned, however, using a skilled digital marketing company like Chrome Leads will help you stay
focused on your business.

Automate For More Leads in Your Construction Business

So, you’ve got your inbound marketing systems driving traffic to your website. What happens when
people arrive there? Use some automated marketing systems to help do some heavy lifting for you. A
simple tool to utilize is an appointment scheduling plug in that allows clients to schedule an
appointment to meet with an account manager on their site or in your office. This saves some time for
the client and shortens the sales cycle.
Another tool used is a simple contact form. Direct visitors to leave their name and email in exchange for
more information, a free consultation or subscription to your newsletter. By doing so, you can set up a
follow up campaign to reach out to people who were interested in what you have to offer. This is what
sets apart the winners and losers online.

Use Paid Ads

There are lots of ways to grow your presence online organically. But to get the sleight edge over direct
local competitors is to pay for ads in social media and search engines. Historically, construction
businesses have been largely driven by reputation, relationships and a lot of hustle. Those things haven’t
gone away, they are simply less effective in a crowded space. The company building the project may not
even have a local head office in your town. So rather than drive an hour or more to attempt to have a
face to face meeting, it’s more efficient to run some targeted ads instead.
These 5 tips on how to grow your construction business online are only a small sampling of marketing
ideas. There are hundreds of ways to drive traffic and gather qualified leads. You can learn these skills
given enough time, and some trial and error. The better choice is to have an experienced digital
marketing company to help you.

Using a great online marketing company like Chrome Leads that understands the construction industry,
the market, and how to get construction companies in front of the right decision makers will buy time so
you can focus on your business.